Studying in Scotland can be quite affordable, in the previous article we have already talked about the financial support available to students. Apart from the study and the experience of campus life, being a student can actually offer you much more. Here is a list of some of the practical advantages of being a student in the UK.

– Discount on housing: Council tax discount or exemption

Council tax is a local property tax that is used to fund some services provided by your local council. Generally speaking everyone should pay council tax. Council tax, on average can be around £100 each month for a two bedroom property however if everyone living in the property is a full-time student the property becomes exempt and you do not have to pay. If you live with non-students you still get a 25% discount.

– Discount on travelling

Want to travel around the UK while studying? No problem. Full-time students can get a 16-25 Railcard even if aged above 25. 16-25 Railcard offers 1/3 off on most train tickets in the UK. Students can also get discount on local travelling i.e. bus card.

– Many other discounts

As you are probably aware, there are many other discounts for students available on shopping, cinema, museums and admission to events. Most digital brands offer generous discounts to students in the UK for example Apple generally offer around 15% discount on their products. So your student ID could possibly save you £100 to £200 when you buy Apple products.

– Free student support

Most universities and colleges in Scotland offer free language support and career advice services to their students. Although many students may not be aware of them, these student services can add a great deal of value to studying itself.

International students can improve their English skills through free writing or speaking workshops. Before applying for a job, students can get their CV polished by an experienced career advisor and some universities also offer entrepreneurship workshops to help their students start their own businesses.

Of course, the range of services available to students varies from institution to institution, so take that into consideration before you decide which university or college you wish to study at.


– Medical and mental health support

Overseas students can register for health services and dental care. In today’s society the mental health of students has become more of a concern so thanks to these services you might also find yourself well supported when you most need it.