I finished my Bachelor degree in China, 2012 and worked as a front-end web developer for two years. At that time, with the prevalence of Big Data, I became increasingly curious about this unique field, so I decided to go abroad and do a Master in Data Science at UofG. However, I never thought that I could get an internship during my study and work with a team full of talents.

In the first month, I mainly focused on developing websites and some small projects to help the marketing campaigns. Working as a team is what I like most about my job. I like doing promotional video with Joyce(see above). She always can propose some new ideas. I like working with Kaj. When we were deploying our website(unim.co.uk), his wisdom, calm, problem-solving and decision-making skills gave me a deep impression. It has the same situation when communicating with Kazu, which is my Japanese colleague, and Olivia. I have learnt really really a lot knowledge about data analytics and business operations.

This is my first job in abroad. Obviously, it is a huge challenge for me. Another important reason is that I have never had any contact with those latest technologies and frameworks for multiple platforms like cloud hosting service, NoSQL database and Cordova, which are already applied in HelloUni. I have to learn a lot. Luckily, I met ICAN Future Star. The company gives me enough time to familiar with those technologies and it also provides a comfortable office located in the campus of the university, which enables us to use the time more efficient. Anyway, I believe I could do my best for the next task!