Because you constantly hear about teamwork being good, it may actually cause an opposite effect and make you lose interest in building a friendly, though the professional relationship with co-workers. And it is a perfectly understandable reaction. We tend to engage more in things and concepts which are new and exciting, so how to approach ‘teamwork’ if you find it tiring?

It is easier to see the benefits when looking from own perspective. In any job, it is important to feel that one’s work counts, that you are not just a ‘human resource’, but your decisions actually matter. To learn how important you are in the company you have to know what other team members currently work on and how your tasks correspond to theirs. It is an instantaneous confidence boost, to learn that somebody’s work relies on yours, because without you it would just not work out.

At ICAN, each team member has a presentation on their progress every week. I like to keep them short,  to give an overview of my work and to trigger a discussion afterwards. The informal style of communication within a team is very valuable. Sometimes it is just complaining about ‘unsolvable’ bugs and struggle in general, but it gives a sense of belonging and encourages helping one another. Thanks to this, everybody manage to solve their problems faster and learn from each other in the same time, which is awesome.

Teamwork should not be forced. It ought to be caused by the curiosity of other’s work, will help and a common goal. If you remain unconvinced, think of it this way, getting the job done quicker is exciting, helping others is exciting and last but not least, proving one’s value as an employee and as a person everyday is exciting. Keep up the good work!