Traveling alone or in groups can be very expensive, especially if you are visiting London or other main cities. However, if you follow our guide then hopefully we can help you save the money you need for another wonderful adventure abroad. Thus, below you will find all the information on how to see the UK on a budget




In the UK, you can use public transports to get around the city you are visiting. These include:

  • Buses – It is more suitable for those who are traveling inside one city. If you are thinking of going to all those attractions in one day, you can purchase an all-day ticket which can save you more than getting a return or single ticket. That way you can travel using buses to anywhere within the zone. Specifically, you could also use the sightseeing tour buses in many cities that will take you to popular sites!


  • Train – Trains can be cheaper and quicker to travel from town to town. For those who are traveling to the UK to study or stay for a longer term then you can purchase a railcard to save you money when taking the train. For traveling in cities such as London, you can purchase an Oyster card to make your traveling easier!

For those who travel in groups of 4 or 5, hiring a car is an alternative option to travel if one of you have a driving license.

Nonetheless, it is best to book your tickets in advance to save costs when using public transports or flights. We recommend using booking sites such as Trainline, Red Spotted Hanky, Megabus. Virgin Trains can sometimes work out cheaper than booking sites as they sometimes offer a cheaper price if you book a few months in advance.

UK on a budget



In the UK, some museums are free to visit and yet, some requires an entrance fee. For free museums, they may ask for a small donation although that is not essential. Read on Trip Advisor before your trip to see which ones have the best reviews! If you know which ones you want to go then be sure to check out Groupon to see whether or not there is a deal so that you can save that extra cash! There may also be free events in the local area so research them beforehand!



Living/ Eating

If you are traveling to the UK to study then you may want to look at the average prices for rent in the towns or cities. Spareroom can help you find a room to stay with other flatmates similar to you.

On the other hand, you can use Airbnb to look for accommodations provided by hosts. They offer a cheaper and cost-effective way for short-stays than hotels. You can also use B&B (Bed and Breakfast) accommodations that are also relatively cheap. If you are a solo traveler then hostels are recommended for you as you can meet other people similar to you. However, always ask for advice when traveling alone and be careful when staying in an unknown location on your own.

You should also be prepared to pay more in certain cities such as London and rather than eating out all the time, you may choose to buy and cook your own food if you have the facilities. If you are eating out in London then be aware that there may be a service charge incurring.

How to see the UK on a budget (tips for students)



One of UK’s cheapest retailer is Primark and you can buy clothing there rather than bigger brands that cost ten times more. Remember if you are a student then you can use your student card to get discounts. Don’t forget that you can also get a tax refund from many shops so that can save you more money! Finally, we recommend that you should avoid tourist shops. Although they have a lot of cultural/ iconic items to purchase, their prices tend to be more expensive.


How to see the UK on a budget (tips for students)


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