Although UK and US are extremely similar in many ways, there are a few distinct differences between them that makes these countries attractive to live or study in. Therefore, let’s find out those main differences between UK and US.



UK education system is somewhat stricter than in the US. It is mostly because we have a stricter grading system in place. For example, US teachers may perhaps give you another chance to sit an assessment to get the required grades yet, this tends to not happen in the UK!

There is a bigger workload in the US throughout the year as students have assignments, essays, and midterms. As such, their exams at the end of the year usually worth less than their final grade.

In the US, there are more foundation subjects that must be taken before choosing a major in the second year. In the UK, it is more focused on the main subjects at the start of university.

Differences between UK and US (for students)




In American colleges and universities, there are sororities & fraternities. Whereas UK universities have clubs and societies. In the UK, many students go to pubs, bars, and clubs.It is because the legal drinking age is 18. However, in the US, students tend to host or attend frat parties rather than go out.

School spirit in the US is also bigger compared to the UK. For example, in the UK, although some students have to clothe with their university logo such as hoodies, they do not show it as often as the American does. In fact, Americans are proud of their university so much that they were there hoodies all the time.

Differences between UK and US (for students)


Accommodation & Food

In the US, students usually stay in dorms and have a roommate or roommate(s). However, in the UK, we have flatmates and have our own rooms to stay in. Talking about food, portion sizes are much bigger in America! Nevertheless, US tend to have meal plans for students, which mean that student pays an annual fee and gets food every day from the cafeteria. Whereas, UK students are likely to cook their own food in kitchens.

Differences between UK and US (for students)

Travelling & Transport

It is easy to get around in the UK using public transport such as buses and trains. Although there are undergrounds in the big cities in the US, there are fewer buses and many people travel by car instead. Cities are also bigger in the US than the UK. Hence it is quicker to get to other cities within the UK but takes longer to travel in the US. Furthermore, as the UK is in Europe, it is easy to visit other European countries such as France, Italy or Spain.

Differences between UK and US (for students)

Culture & Others

Although UK and US use the same English language, there are still different terms used for different objects. For example,¬†we use “chips” in the UK, but the US calls these “fries”. Furthermore, we have different pronunciations and spellings for certain words, e.g. color used in the UK instead of color used in the US. In the US, students are often calling teachers as “professors”. Comedy is different in US and UK. British people are more sarcastic!

Differences between UK and US (for students)

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