Would you like to know what it is like to study at Oxford University? Well, the best-chosen answer from our community it that Oxford University is a magical place. The university creates an environment which facilitates personal development.

Oxford University network

First of all, you are surrounded all the world-class top academics and professors in the subject and you are welcomed to contact them.

Oxford University students diversity

Secondly (especially at postgraduate level), you will meet a group of intelligent students from a diverse background. The students will form a network which will help you to progress both professionally and personally.
Moreover, the college system is fantastic. As they are inter-disciplinary communities, you meet people studying every conceivable subject from all over the world.
What is it like to study at Oxford University?

Oxford University resources

Thirdly, the resources and perks are unrivaled. Four-course meals in gowns in ornate centuries-old dining halls for about £5. Subsidised alcohol and food. Oxford University is entitled to a copy of every book published in English and can have it delivered to any library to collect within 24 hours. Any books they do not yet have, they buy on request. The world’s top thinkers will come just to give a seminar to ten people in a side room due to the prestige of the place. Moreover, most of these events are furbished with free wine and food. You meet prime ministers and all sorts very casually there. They subsidize artistic production so you can go see world-famous orchestras and opera companies and plays for next to nothing.
 What is it like to study at Oxford University?

Oxford city

Fourth, the city is gorgeous. The town is tiny and close to London I(you can walk from one side to the other in 35/40mins), so you are only ten minutes or so away from anything you could ever need.
What is it like to study at Oxford University?

Negative side of Oxford University

Fifth, the experience of studying at Oxford does come at a premium and that is pressure. Students need to have academic excellence and maintain an active social life during term time. Moreover, everyone has heavy workload = 60 hours a week and there is a high chance of developing mental illness and anxiety.
What is it like to study at Oxford University?
However, if you are willing to work hard and sacrifice your social life and choose to sleep when the term is over, you will develop as a human being at an exponential rate.

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