Whether you have decided to visit the UK as your next holiday destination or you want to come over to study here, make sure to read the 5 tips we want to share with you before you advance your journey. Therefore, Hellouni presents another post about tips for sightseeing in the UK!

Save money before you come

It’s obvious, isn’t it? But big cities such as London are expensive as attractions are not usually free, they have high costs for hotels and accommodations, and food and drink expenses tend to cost higher in comparison to other cities in the UK.

tips for sightseeing in the UK

Prepare to hear different accents

In Scotland and England, as well as areas between Scotland itself it might be difficult for visitors to understand people. When speaking to locals within the city, be aware of the strong accents that they may have. If you don’t understand them, don’t be afraid to ask again. However, you can never make fun of the way people are talking, even though you are not used to it.

Wear warm clothes

In Scotland, it tends to be colder, windier and wetter than England, so be WARNED! Moreover, make sure to always carry umbrella or raincoat with you, because locals usually agree that weather forecasts in the UK are never correct, thus be prepared.

tips for sightseeing in the UK

VAT is included in prices

Even though some products might look overpriced to you, remember that this price is final. Therefore, no extra charges and taxes will be added at the till.


Studying abroad in the UK

If you are coming to study in the UK, the university system is different from what you would expect. Be sure to check it out on the university website when you have arrived. Nevertheless feel free to use our services and connect with students who are already studying in the UK!



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