Summer 2018 is here and finding out what to do over these 3 months can be a real headache. Especially to international students who are still abroad. However, we are here to help you and propose you some ideas of what international students should do this summer!



As I am an international student, I know that it can be hard to explore new countries while you are still studying. To be honest, during my first semester and I didn’t have time to leave my universities library. That is why after my first year of studying abroad, I decided to travel around over the summer. I used all possible tips on how students can travel on a budget and let my adventure begin. I think traveling over the summer is a perfect way to end your journey of being an abroad student. It is because, after a couple of years you don’t want to remember your studying abroad experience where the whole time you were sitting in a library. Trust me, you want to remember it as an adventure of your lifetime, where you discovered new places and met new people.

What international students should do this summer?


Stay in your study abroad destination and perfectly learn its native language

International students usually go abroad to those countries where locals don’t speak student’s native language. Therefore, staying there over the summer might be the perfect opportunity for you to learn a new language. I can’t tell you enough how beneficial it is for a person to be at least bilingual. Sometimes the fact that you know more than one language makes you more employable than others who have lots of experience.

What international students should do this summer?


Do an internship

Speaking about career perspectives, using your summer to do an internship abroad can open you so many doors. I understand that most students want to use the summer to have rest after a hard studying session. However, you don’t want to be that student who can’t find a job for the year after graduation. Most┬ácompanies are giving a specific instruction for possible interns. This instruction is that all candidates must be enrolled in a university while applying for an internship. This means that if you decide to use your summers for rest, you are losing the opportunity to help your future career. Moreover, it also means that if you want to do an internship after graduation, you are losing some offers because of that one condition that I mentioned above.

What international students should do this summer?



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